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Order & Delivery Timing

Delivery DayMonday

Monday is our delivery days and your food will always be prepared fresh. Orders will be chilled and boxed with an ice pack. Will will contact you in advance about your delivery window and text you when you order is on your doorstep. 


Order Deadline: 1:00 PM Saturday

Your order can be placed any day of the week however all orders must be in by 1:00 PM on Saturday for Monday delivery. We need time to prepare your order so if after this time, please call Chef Matt directly.
Placing Your Order & Payment

  1. Choose your selection from this week's menu

  2. Submit your order and payment 

  3. Enter your contact profile information with delivery address, email, and mobile phone number. You have the option to link to your Facebook profile for quick contact info.

Chef Delivered Confirmation:

  1. You will receive an email confirmation of your order

  2. We will contact you if we have any questions on your order, or items change.

  3. We will confirm your delivery time by text message.

Current Delivery Area
DFW and surrounding area

We'll happily deliver to your home or office

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