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“Chef Delivered meals are the perfect size.  The meatloaf was delicious and the chicken spinach salad had perfectly fresh berries and big chunks of grilled chicken.”

— Chuck, Fort Worth

"I loved the menu first week and second.  Especially the chicken piccata and the beef stir fry!  And I just had the roasted asparagus      "

— Bebe, Grapevine

"I love this service! Because time is money. As a small business owner/operator it makes CENTS!  Less time shopping, cleaning & prepping food, cooking and cleaning up. The goods are delivered in re-usable containers!  Boom!  And the entrees are so big - definitely enough for two meals, or two people. "

— Larry, Plano

"Scott had the pot roast and veggies... not one bite left. Awesome."

— Elisa, Grapevine

"On a recent business trip to Dallas, a coworker recommended Chef Delivered as I was weary of the eating solo in a restaurant situation. They delivered fresh, microwaveable meals to the door of my Extended Stay. The Salmon with Mango was so flavorful as well as the Chicken Picatta. I even received enough Lasagna for two meals! It was such a great alternative to typical delivery food. Best of all, the price was more than reasonable for the food and delivery service. I’ll definitely use them the next time I’m in town!"

— Walt, DFW business traveler

"Just had the jambalaya and it was incredible! Thank you!"

— Chandler, Westlake

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